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21 August 2021

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All you need is in Chesley

The proximity of JEASNIC ESTATES to the Heritage trails surround the Klages Mill, Dam and Park. The historic and friendly town of Chesley’s offers all the essentials for its community. From the grocery store, a deligthful coffee shop at Mocha Cafe, the most popular homestyle restaurant at Babin’s Cookhouse, antique shops, print shop and office supplies, a beauty spa, a public library, two pharmacies, 24 hours hospital clinic, hardware stores, auto sales and repair centers.

Enjoy the convenience of Chesley’s 24 Hour Medical Clinic >>

There is lots to discover in Chesley making your home community a great place to be.

The town of Chesley is established since 1858. The first locomotive of the newly formed Grand Trunk Railway reached in destination on September 3rd 1881.

Chesley's Grocery Store

Chesley’s Grocery Store hase everything you need with bakery on site, produce and all grocery essentials.

Coffee, Smoothies and more

Mocha Cafe, smoothies, sweets and more

Chesley’s Mocha Cafe serving locals for over 15 years, good coffee, breakfast, lunch, sweets and more.

Babin's Cookhouse Homestyle restaurant

Babin’s Cookhouse is fine dining with coutry flair. Popular with locals and travellers service the best in homestyle cooking.

Country Squire Printing

Printing services, fax, design and office supplies on 3rd Street, S.E. Chesley’s hub for historic photos and documents and good old fashion friendly service.

Chesley's Antique Shops

Chesley's Public Library

Chesley’s Antique shops on 1st Ave: Yesterday’s Treasures and Medicine Creek Traders (1750’s to 1830’s)

Wellness Spa & Hair Salons

Wellness Spa & Hair Salons

Pamper yourself in Rowntree Health and Wellness Spa & the local hair salons

Chesley's Heritage Trail

Chesley's Heritage Trail

Access the famous Chesley’s Heritage trail right from Jeasnic Estates.

Elliot Park

Elliot Park

Access to Elliot Park on the main Street where William Elliott build a foundry on this site.

Chesley's Downtown

Chesley's Downtown

Chesley’s 1st Ave. grocery store, coffee shop, restaurant, banks, post office, pharmacies, hardware stores, all in walking distance from Jeasnic Estates Community homes.

24 Hour Medical Clinic

Chesley's Medical Clinic

Chesley’s 24 hour medical clinic is know for their professional care and service.

Chesley's Public Library

Chesley's Public Library

Chesley’s Public Library welcomes everyone with wide selections of books, magazines, computer stations and wifi.

BlueWater School Board

Home of Blue Water School Board

Chesley is home of the BlueWater School Board.

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